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Forest School

The idea of Forest School in Britain is based on a Scandinavian idea that begun in the 1950’s which centres around children learning about the natural world from a very young age through activities based in the outdoor environment all year round. 

Through play, risk-taking and connecting with nature, Forest School supports the development of self-esteem, confidence, communication skills, emotional development and attitudes to learning.

Who will lead
Totterdown Forest School?

Forest School sessions are planned and led by level 3 Forest School leader, Suzanne with support from other Totterdown Preschool Practitioners. Suzanne holds a Level 3 Forest Schools Practitioner Award and has been running forest school sessions for a number of years in various settings, from schools to preschools.

Tree Planting
Woodland Path

What to expect at Totterdown Forest School?

We are so lucky with the diverse outside area that we have at Totterdown! Not only do we have our own onsite dedicated Forest School area, we are in a short walk of Ash Ranges which we will also be using to take the children to, allowing them to explore a denser area of woodland and nature.  A full risk assessment of the site at Totterdown Preschool has been completed along with the woods at Ash Ranges.  Risk assessment will be ongoing for all Forest School activities and weather conditions.


What happens at
Forest School?

Forest School builds independence, self-esteem, and team building while experiencing nature and the outdoor environment in a safe, secure and hands-on way.  Children will take part in a 1hr session every week throughout the year.  Although sessions will be planned by the Leader, the sessions are led by the interests of the children. 

Sessions will start with a group game which will encourage communication and team building. The session will then fall into free play and the theme lead activity which they may chose to take part in or not.  Some weeks may be more structured than others and will include the use of woodland tools and a fire (supervised!)  Nature trails, bug hunting, den building, games, art and craft activities to name a few activities!  One thing we can guarantee is fun and muddy clothes to wash!

Children will learn and develop skills such as focus and attention, communication and vocabulary building, independence, risk-taking, coordination and build self-esteem and self-worth.

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